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Is there a contract to use your services?

No - everything we offer is month to month with a 60-day notice. Our clients don't cancel, so we don't have the need to lock anyone in on a contract. Once you sign up, you'll love us and wonder how you ran your business without us. So, we're not worried.

How do I know that Flex HQ is the right firm for me?

Well, simply put, if you're a business you would benefit from having one or all of Flex HQ's suite of services. In every situation, we will figure out how you can run your business effortlessly and save you money while doing it.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

Our services start with a full onboarding consultation. This is where we strategize with you to see how you're currently operating so we can make industry specific best practice recommendations. Over time we work with you to take your business to new heights bit by bit. So, the longer you're with us, the better we get, together.

Do you write things like job descriptions, recruiting ads and policies for me?

You bet! BUT we need some basic information from you. From there, we will prep materials for you to approve.

How do I receive the candidates that come in from the recruiting efforts?

We upload them to your client portal as a task for you to review them with any notes we might have. From there, you will receive an email notice to log into your portal to view! You can message us as a comment inside the portal, letting us know if you have any follow-up questions.

What is the Client Portal? 

Our custom client portal is a place where you can securely communicate with our team, save files (unlimited storage), access important links and reminders, and more. After onboarding is completed with us you will be invited to your portal, along with anyone else you'd like to have access.

I have multiple companies; how does that work for the client portal?

Just like QuickBooks or any payroll platform, you'll have an SSO that you will be able to log into and access all companies by simply toggling between them on your main dashboard menu.

Do you setup the QuickBooks account for me, or do I set that up on my end?

If you already have it setup, we can be invited as an admin to take over he account, but it's best we set up the account for you. If we set it up, you'll receive 50% off the subscription cost, but it's totally up to you.

Do you setup ADP or Gusto for me?

Same scenario as QuickBooks, we prefer to set it up so you can get the most cost savings and we can effectively manage the whole account. It's completely up to you at the end of the day.

Why is your cancelation notice 60-days? Most companies have a 30-day policy.

We need time to effectively and responsibly offboard your account. We also need you to have time to collaborate with us and your new provider, so the handoff is seamless, and all your files can be downloaded from your portal before we archive it.

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